Mat Man D.C.S. is dedicated to helping each customer improve the performance of their business. By providing individualized customized programs to our customers, we offer our customers the flexibility necessary to meet the most challenging business requirements.

Mat Man D.C.S. provides dust control and maintenance products and services that polish your image by helping you maintain a clean and attractive environment within your business


General Mats
Recent research proves that 90% of the dirt found in offices and businesses is tracked in from outside. Reduce labor costs, prevent safety hazards, and protect your floor finish with Mat Man's professional mat service.

Our professional floor protection mat service offers you:

  • No up front costs
  • A wide variety of mats to meet all of your needs
  • Convenient service visits
  • Careful removal of soiled mats
  • Replacement with fresh, clean mats
  • Professional cleaning and sanitizing

Custom Logo Mats
Mat Man can produce an eye catching logo mat to polish your company's image. Display your logo mat in entrances and promote a positive company image. Promote name recognition and brand identity in places such as entrances, counters, lobbies, sales displays and trade show exhibits

.Message Mats

  • Greetings Mats
    Serves as a friendly welcome to your customers and employees.
  • Quality Mats
    Gives employees the valuable reminder of the importance of quality, leading to fewer defects, higher productivity and improved customer satisfaction
  • Safety Mats
    Reminder of the importance of safety awareness, resulting in fewer accidents and reduced workers compensation claims

Scraper Mats
Molded cleats that act as scrapers creating a stable, skid resistant surface for areas where people are constantly on the move.

Anti-fatigue Mats
Provides ergonomic benefits resulting in higher productivity and reduced work related accidents.

Dust Mops
Your solution to dust control with results such as:

  • Better indoor air quality for with reduced allergy irritants
  • Protection from dust damage for electronic equipment and indoor lighting
  • A more professional image that's attractive to your customers and more pleasant for employees
  • Removal of accident causing debris
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